Montessori family packs

Montessori family pack, Baby Explorers

Designed by Montessori, a selection of family packs for under 5s are available to borrow from the Information Desk. Each pack contains a map, activity suggestions, storybooks and toys to touch.

Baby Explorers (6-18 months)
This pack includes a tactile, textured mat and stimulating sensory material like shapes, bricks, rattles, toys and books. It can be used in the Babies area of the Museum.

People Like Me (18 months-3 years)
The mat in this pack allows for tactile play, while the story books and toys can be enjoyed in open-ended play. The pack works alongside a visit to the Childhood Galleries area.

Animal World (3-5 years)
This pack can be used on a visit to the Creativity Gallery and includes games, puzzles and books to help children discover different animal friends. Build a den for animals with fabrics or blocks or dress up as animals - wild, zoo, farm or imaginary.

On the Move (age 3-5)
Children can discover planes, trains, automobiles and everything in between in the Moving Toys Gallery with this pack. It includes a play mat where they can build towers and bridges, or enjoy books, threading toys, games and puzzles.

Please leave a form of ID e.g. a passport or a driving licence. 

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