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Olivetti typewriter, UK 1942-1968

The Museum building provides an excellent location for filming, and its collections and displays make an attractive backdrop for photography.

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Latest press releases

Hidden Identities Unfinished, 20 December 2014 – 28 June 2015
This display of photographs by Yvonne de Rosa examines the lives of children and families living under adverse conditions in Bosnia and Romania. The project was the result of a collaboration with Hope and Homes for Children, an international charity that works to prevent the breakdown of families and to ensure children grow up in a loving environment.

Small Stories: At Home in a Dolls' House, 13 December 2014 – 6 September 2015
The V&A Museum of Childhood's major 2014-15 exhibition Small Stories: At home in a dolls' house will reveal the fascinating stories behind some of the UK's best-loved dolls' houses. Through the stories of 12 dolls' houses from the past 300 years, visitors will be taken on a journey through the history of the home, everyday lives and changing family relationships. The small stories of each house will be brought to life by the characters that live or work there. Day-to-day life will be illuminated through tales of marriages and parties, politics and crime.

It's My Party..., 20 September 2014 – 5 July 2015
It's My Party... takes a look at children's birthday parties from the perspective of both children and parents. The centrepiece is a life-sized installation telling the story of Wilfred, a shy resident of the Museum. Wilfred doesn't want to celebrate his birthday, but regrets his decision when he finds himself all alone on the day with a solitary cupcake. The story has a happy ending, as Wilfred's friends organise a surprise party, with a lavish feast and gifts that money can't buy.

Toy Stories, 7 June – 14 December 2014
Toy Stories is a series of portraits by Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti, which explores the role and function of toys in the lives of children around the world. The 21 photographs reflect the impact of the children's backgrounds and families on their choice of toys and highlight the universality of play.

Hand Me Over Hand Me Downs, 24 May – 31 August 2014
Hand Me Over Hand Me Downs is a collection of photographs documenting the belongings of over 70 children, who were born in the People's Republic of China and adopted into families in the United Kingdom. These possessions were the only things the children brought to their new lives, and are an important reminder of the day they legally joined their new families. In many cases that day was also the first time the adults and children met -a day so memorable to the parents, but unknown to a child too young to remember.

The Great Diary Project, 17 May – 12 October 2014
Using documents from The Great Diary Project archive at Bishopsgate Institute, this exhibition offers insights into the lives of children and teenagers at particular moments in history. The diaries on display date from 1813 to 1996, showing changes in attitudes over time and demonstrating how an individual's unique voice can be captured in this very private kind of writing.

Daydreams and Diaries, 5 April – 2 November 2014
This exhibition celebrates all things Jacqueline Wilson, giving you a chance to find out about her childhood, early career and what inspires her to write. It features original notebooks along with childhood toys, school reports and diaries. There are also extracts and illustrations from some of her best-loved books including The Story of Tracy Beaker, The Illustrated Mum and Hetty Feather.

Confiscation Cabinets, 9 November 2013 – 1 June 2014
Artist Guy Tarrant's display cabinets show artefacts gleaned from 150 different London primary and secondary schools over three decades. These objects include homemade games, keepsakes, cult toys, peculiar adornments, weapons and other forbidden objects which characterise the flotsam and jetsam of contemporary school children.

Are You Sitting Comfortably?, 12 October 2013 – 1 June 2014
Are you Sitting Comfortably? is an exhibition exploring some of the effects of environment and design on teaching and learning from the formality of the Victorian classroom to the outdoors self-directed learning of a wood school.

Afro Supa Hero, 14 September 2013 – 9 February 2014
A snapshot of a childhood, shown through a personal collection of pop cultural heroes and heroines of the African diaspora. Jon Daniel's action figures, comic books and games offer an insight into the experience of a boy of African Caribbean heritage growing up in 1960s and 1970s Britain, in search of his identity.

War Games, 25 May 2013 – 9 March 2014
Exploring the fascinating relationship between conflict and children's play and providing an insight into the ways toys have been influenced by warfare from 1800 to the present day.




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